Advanced Virtual COM Port v.2.3 - Help

Who Needs Advanced Virtual COM Port?

In general, Advanced Virtual COM Port is powerful tool for both businesses and individuals. Currently, there are millions of legacy serial devices and software, most without built-in network support, which are still in use today. Advanced Virtual COM Port allows individuals and companies to share legacy serial devices over the LAN or Internet, allows legacy software to use network communication through virtual COM ports. This provides more options for data acquisition, device management, industrial control and communication options than would otherwise be available.

Software developers

You are a developer who is developing an application that uses serial ports. With pairs of local virtual COM ports you can quickly and easily debug your COM port communication, without having the equipment connected to a real COM port.

RS-232 equipment users

You have a lot of equipment which is situated in different places and is connected to different PCs through a serial port. With Advanced Virtual COM Port, you can control that equipment from one place using your computer.

RS-232 equipment developers

You are a person who works on a large project, developing expensive equipment, which has a serial interface and is controlled by a program running on Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/XP64. Your potential customer is considered to be satisfied with the equipment, but prefers to watch the control program. The only issue is the program doesn't work without hardware. In order to display the program on both your computer and the computer at the client site, use our software and the customer will be able to access your hardware remotely.

Serial port software users

You are a person who uses a communication software which can only communicate with it's instances trough the serial port. By connecting virtual COM ports through the network with virtual NULL-modem cable, you are able to make this software use Inernet for it's communication.

Embedded programmers, embedded developers

When it is necessary to use one programmator or one emulator of embedded microprocessors by the whole group of working persons, it is possible to use Advanced Virtual COM Port in order to give an access to one programmator, emulator for all persons interested.