Advanced Virtual COM Port v.2.3 - Help

User Interface - Main Window

Advanced Virtual COM Port has a clear, intuitive interface.

Main window

Main window has three tabs. Each tab represents one type of port.

Creation and removal of ports

To create a port, just select corresponding tab, click Add button button and follow instructions given in the dialogue boxes.
To remove a port, you need to select the port you wish to remove from the list and click Remove button button.

NOTE:Before removing the port, you must close all applications that use that port. Ports cannot be removed if in use.

Disabling and enabling ports

If you wish to disable all ports, without losing the configuration settings, click On-Off button button. To restore ports, click this button again.

NOTE:Before disabling the ports, you must close all applications that use the port(s). Ports cannot be disabled if in use.

Port monitoring

Advanced Virtual COM Port features quick port monitoring. Each icon in the list shows you the basic port state. You can easily determine whether port is opened or closed, connected or disconnected.

Red light on – red light on the port connection indicates the port is connected.

Grayed port Colored port – port appears grayed-out when closed, and in color when opened.

To see advanced port status, select the port in the list and look at the panel to the right.

Port state monitoring